Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Firsts

I had a different baby over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I had a baby that cried, I mean, really cried frequently during the day and night. And it wasn't a cry I was familiar with. This one was very high pitched and screechy; like he was in pain.  Max went for his 4 Month Wellness check last Tuesday and received a few booster shots which gave him major tummy trouble-- the kind of tummy trouble where you just cut the onesie off and go directly to the shower (yes, we actually did this). By Wednesday, the AM dosage of Tylenol had no positive impact on his fever, so we carried him back to the Pediatrician and learned he had an ear infection. Not sure how that happened?! He completely rejected his crib for two nights which meant him and Mommy spent the night is his nursery glider and/or on the couch; and he wanted nothing to do with the breast. Just wanted to cry.

Today, 1 week later, he no longer has a fever, but he still appears to be in discomfort. The daycare told me that he cried a lot yesterday and wasn't himself. Is this still left over from his shots last week? Is this teething? He's drooling a ton and chewing on fingers/hands nonstop-- he even interrupts breastfeeding to chew on a finger. What happened to my smiley happy baby? I miss him. :(

I have him a dose of Tylenol last night and it seemed to help settle him. I probably should have given him some this morning too.

On a seperate note, our Thanksgiving was okay. We had a nice dinner, just our little family, and then against my better judgement, went to the in-laws house in the afternoon. Max and I were happy at home watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in our PJs so getting dressed to go out felt like a chore. And then when we got there, it was very hot, and combined with all of Max's other ailments made for one angry turkey on his first Thanksgiving. :(

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