Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Month Sleep Regression

I have spent the morning Googling the theory of the 4 Month Sleep Regression and I have to say, I am a believer. Prior to last week, Max was sleeping pretty good. We could count on him to go down about 7:30 pm and sleep until about 1 or 1:30 am, and then wake again about 4:30/5 am. And then something changed. He continued to go down around 7:30 pm, but for the last two weeks, can't make it past 10:30 pm without waking up! My list of potential causes continues to grow: maybe he's cold (the weather has chilled a bit)? Maybe he's too warm (on account of the changing weather, I'm dressing him warmer)? Is he gasy? Is he hungry? Does he want his arms/legs to be free? One things for certain: he wants his mommy... his exhausted, overwhelmed, zombie-eyed mommy.

Honestly, we are getting up so frequently during the night that I can't keep track. I have joked with other mom's at Max's daycare about keeping a prison-like tally everytime I get up so that I can remember when morning comes. But really, what's the point. My boobs will tell me if I was able to get any more sleep than usual. And I'd rather not know if I got less! Some nights I respond to Max, noting that it's about 1am-- next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes from the rocker in the nursery and it's nearly 3am! Did I really just sleep away valuable nighttime hours in the discomfort of this chair?! Ouch, my neck. Yes, yes I guess I did. Sigh, sleep is sleep.

In the 11th hour, I have contemplated whether or not Max's crib could sustain the weight of my post pregnancy body.. I've wished the nursery glider were a Lay-Z-Boy recliner.. I've thought about chucking everything in the office and setting up a second bedroom, with a bed, so that Max and I could co-sleep without disrupting the hubs and two chihuahuas that occupy the Master Bed.

Last night I convinced myself that dressing Max in a long sleeved onesie and using one blanket would be enough to make him comfortable enough to sleep through the night. The power of positive thinking, right? Wrong. It was a bust. Although I do think he was more comfortable, as opposed to wearing the fuzzy fleece PJs. One of the 27,000 times I got up, I found him with a foot in each hand and a smile on his face, just chatting away. Cute in the daylight hours, but in the middle of the night? Not so much. It was 3am when I threw in the towel and took Max to my bed with me. At least then, I could catch a few Z's here and there while Max rooted in my bosom on and off.

I started off today feeling a bit defeated. Not really sure where to go from here and feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing as a parent.  After reading some sleep regression blogs, I feel like my confidence has been restored just enough to get me through another night. It's good to read that Max is right on target with other 4 month olds-- he's just too excited to practice his new tricks rather than sleep!

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