Monday, November 22, 2010

My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

One of my favorite breastfeeding moments happens every night with Max. Around 6:30pm he usually gets pretty fussy, begging for his bath and bedtime. He has always loved his baths and recently learned that kicking causes splashing, which means bath water all over my kitchen floor! During bath time, it’s like something clicks in his mind about what’s to follow: nursing. No matter how much he has nursed prior to his bath, I’m pretty sure the post-bath nursing session is his fave—and mine too! When he realizes what’s next, he starts obsessively sucking on anything he can get his mouth on! My arm while in the bath, my shoulder on the way to his room, his hands or nearby toys while he’s on his changing table getting his pj’s put on—and when that time comes for him and I to retreat to the rocker in his serenely lit nursery, he can’t latch on quick enough! Within minutes he is so totally milk drunk—eyes tightly closed, mouth wide open, and milk leaking from one side! Soo sweet. Reason number 237 why I will not fill him up on cereal before bed, even if it means I get up a few more times at night with him—I can’t stand the thought of parting with this moments.


  1. I love those moments too :) It has got to be the sweetest moment any woman can ever experience. So glad you are able to continue to breastfeed. I know so many new moms who just gave up or never followed through with it. Not only is it free but its what we were made to do :)

  2. Yeah there are sooo many benefits of breastfeeding (beyond the actual nurishment part) that I just don't know how formula feeding moms get along! LOVE my juicy boobs!