Thursday, February 10, 2011

$#!* my mother says, part II

My mother has struck again. Saying something very thought provoking. I’ll start at the beginning.

A month or so ago, I mustered up some motivation to get dressed up and attend a job fair for a company who recently won a contract out here at the Space Center. I never go to job fairs.  I hate them. They are a waste of time. All they ever are is a bunch of people standing around, shaking hands, and telling job seekers to visit their website to browse and apply for career opportunities. I thought this one would be different. It wasn’t.

After much consideration, I decided to attend because a few of my co-workers were going to be there, and I decided that I would be upset if I DIDN’T go and later learned that someone who DID go got a job offer. You never know.

While there, this overly friendly man approached me. He talked to me like we were old friends. The way he talked to me, I thought I should know him from somewhere, even though he wasn’t physically familiar to me. He asked me a few questions like, “how it go?” and “do you think they’ll call you”. Then he asked to trade resumes. Without thinking clearly, I agreed, and almost immediately, I regretted it. He dove into this monologue of self pity—unemployed, used to work on Constellation, wife left him, house in foreclosure.. I realized it was just him and I out in the middle of the parking lot; him in his car, and me standing outside his passenger side window—My mind couldn’t help but equate the event unfolding to a Lifetime movie. The hair on the back of my neck stood on edge and my guts, my instinct, told me to say good-bye and get into my car and lock the doors. So I did.

I told everyone about the creepy encounter that left me feeling uneasy and nervous. By giving this guy my resume, I had willingly given him my address, my phone number—he’s unemployed so for all I know, he is spending his free time scoping out my home, finding out when we’re there and when we’re not! I am so disappointed in myself for doing something so stupid. At the time, I was preoccupied—I had left Brian home with Max for the first time and all I could think about was rushing home to my baby! That’s no excuse though. I put myself and my family in danger. Irresponsible.

I learned from that experience and I thought it was behind me until yesterday when the guy called my cell phone out of the blue. I answered the phone, even though I didn’t recognize the number—yet, another mistake. He started asking me questions about Brian—where does he work, what time does he get home in the evenings; I asked what the phone call was in regards to, he said, “I want to come over to your house and talk to you about some business opportunities. I think we can work together with your background”. Red flag. “Um no. That’s not a good idea. We aren’t interested. Please don’t call again.” He said, “I’m just really hurting here. My ex wife is taking me to court, I’m still jobless, and unemployment isn’t going to last forever.” ::crickets:: Me, “Sorry, something will work out. I have to go” ::click::

The first thing I did when I hung up the phone was call Brian and tell him what happened. Next I told some of my co-workers, one of which is a part-time cop who told me there isn’t anything he can do right now. That’s okay. I just wanted him to know. Both Brian and I agreed that I should keep the garage door closed when I’m home alone, and I should delete my address from my resume. I had never even considered this! But really, a resume only needs my email and phone number. Oh, and I looked up this guy on LinkedIn—his profile picture is C-R-E-E-P-Y! I made sure Brian got a good look at him too.

I told my mom and dad about the incident. My dad, my Great Protector, said that next time he calls, I should send him his way! I laughed and said, “The guy is probably harmless. He probably won’t call again.” To which my mother remarked, “Well did you think he was going to call the first time?!

See what I mean? Thought provoking. No, I didn’t think he would call in the first place. So I shouldn’t assume that he is ‘harmless’. Be cautious. Pay attention. And most importantly, listen to your instincts. They never lie.

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