Monday, February 7, 2011

In-Law Sundays

I have come to really hate Sundays. And I mean that with all the power behind the word hate. I wish I could say I hated Sundays because they mean Monday is JUST around the corner, and thus starts another week. Sadly no. I actually look forward to Mondays. I like the routine that daycare offers our household and family as a unit. Instead, on Sundays, every freaking Sunday, my in-laws come to visit.
They might seem like ordinary people from the outside. Some might even call them nice upon meeting them. I know them as those who come to my home every Sunday and tell me everything I’m doing wrong and/or question every single thing I’m doing as a mother.  It’s always, “when is he going to eat real food”, “when are you going to wean him from the boob”, “you should buy him a walker”, “have you tried just letting him cry?”,He really shouldn’t be sleeping in your bed” … … … ::breathe::
The truth is, my mother in-law has done and said a lot of things that have been and continue to be very hurtful to myself and my husband. Here’s a taste:
·         Lying to my husband about who is real father is for 30 years
·         Whispering  to my husband in the kitchen that she wishes I would realize that breastfeeding is a ‘pain in the ass’ when I’m in the living room crying about my milk taking for ever to come in
·         Telling me not to jump up at every fuss whimper or cry from my 6 day old baby—because it builds bad habits

I’m getting worked up just writing about these so I’ll stop here and save the rest (and/or details) for another blog. Thank God I have a supportive husband. Anyways, I am not one to forgive and forget (also another blog), and I am very good at holding a grudge. So Sundays are very stressful for me.  I want to just be able to enjoy the time away from work and with my baby. After all, he spends 40+ hours a week with strangers at daycare! I don’t want to make plans—further I don’t know when he’s going to be hungry, when he’s going to be napping—I just want to spend time doing what I want to do and not have to worry about being home at a certain time (or being awake for that matter!) so they can come over and visit. So annoying.

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