Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Christmas- Full of Firsts!

I never imagined how much fun Christmas can be when you have kids! Granted, Max being only 5 months old for his first Christmas, chances are he won’t remember a thing! And I’m sure he didn’t understand the presents, although the sparkly ribbons were mesmerizing for him.  It was so fun to celebrate the holidays with a new baby, as a new family unit! I really got into it. It was only the second time in mine and Brian’s 13 year relationship that we had a Christmas tree—and I actually bought Christmas decorations (placemats, napkins, new stockings for the dogs!). So fun.
It was *so fun* despite Max and us being so sick! Max caught RSV, a pretty serious respiratory virus through daycare and spent the holidays pretty miserable. I learned yesterday that several of the other babies from the daycare that also had RSV had such serious cases that they were admitted into local hospitals for observation! We got lucky! Regardless, he couldn’t breathe, which meant he had trouble nursing; he couldn’t sleep because he was coughing; and all this gave him a double ear infection! AGH! He was on nebulizer treatments (which anyone who’s ever successfully convinced an infant to wear a mask that delivers vaporized medicine deserves a pat on the back!) and antibiotics—and Tylenol for the teething and overall sickness discomfort. As he started to recover, it was mommy and daddy’s turn to endure an awful cold! So for Christmas, we all sat around listening to each other cough and blow our noses.
Santa took a risk though, entered our germ infested home, and delivered us all a wonderful first Christmas with Max.

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