Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Diary of a Zombie Mom, Entry 2

I got up more times last night than I can remember. It’s getting easier- the getting up part. And my boobs tell me that last night was actually a better than usual night. I remember a couple of times I got up last night to smurfing noises, I put a paci in-place and he conked back out. This is rare because he usually won’t take a paci.
His reflex is still bad so I find that if I wrap his arms, he sleeps longer stretches. One of the times I got up last night, I freed his arms. He immediately rolled over, put his fist in his mouth and conked back out for nearly 2 hours!  
At 2am he was ready to eat. I filled his belly and he passed out for another hour.
When all else fails I just pick him up and hold him. I sit in the glider and cradle him in my arms and take in the sight of him resting peacefully in my embrace. One of the best feelings in the world is being there for him and feeling him completely relax and calm in my arms. It’s my desire that he grows up knowing I will always be there for him and it’s beyond my pleasure to make his world a place where he feels safe and secure. Even if it takes me many sleepless months.

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